Companies are looking for students who have gained experience through internships. Internships should be substantive learning experiences that provide you with a better understanding of an industry, a position and of yourself. They should also provide you with a chance to improve your skill set and learn from those you are working with.
We provide complete solutions for IEEE software and hardware projects. We have a deep experience in dealing with IEEE projects and assisting students to choose the right project. The objectives of the research will be achieved and enables the students to publish papers in journals. We empower the students to add more insight into the project by bringing their own ideas.Enriches student’s technical skills on a particular technique, and also assist the student in learning “out of book concepts.


The workshops are a great place to fine-tune a paper for a conference presentation, and to test ideas. We have more knowledge in shaping students to gain new knowledge, establish networking, generating ideas, and identifying problems and solutions. We provide deep insight of a latest technology in the current trends. With this knowledge students can find right solutions in short period.


We educate the researchers in right direction and to succeed in their goal. We provide guidance in effective manner, solve all the queries and provide solutions. Our technical team fulfills the needs of research scholars with complete satisfaction. Our experts also provide tips that help scholars in thesis writing and to manage the research work.


We assist students to publish the project work in well reputed journals.
Our technical team has professional experience in presentation needs.
We provide opportunity to make a unique contribution. We train students to publish new concepts with high end quality and performance


Value Added Program enriches student’s knowledge in specific field. We provide the value added course in various technologies for IT, Electronics & Electrical. We create confidence to the students by providing special training and handle more practical sessions During the training period, career oriented guidance will be given to the students with our experts


In-Plant Training provides an industrial exposure to the students as well as to develop their career in the high tech industrial requirements. We provide our best real time training for all Engineering, Diploma & Arts students in an effective manner that meets the student’s requirements to fit for industry needs. The certification awarded by us to the students is highly recognized by many recruiters.